Grand Regulation – part XXI

Step 36 – The Backcheck  Distance

I would first like to review some of the concepts previously stated before we discuss step 36 of the 50-point checklist. The seven main steps in part IV The Touch section of the checklist can vary as to the order in which they are performed. Six of these seven steps are always regulated in pairs, forming four groups:
I.              Jack height / blow  distance
II.            Let-off / drop
III.           Backcheck distance / repetition spring strength
IV.          Aftertouch

The 50-point checklist gives only one sequence that these four groups can make. That order is

I., II., IV. & III. This particular sequence eliminates having to reregulate the backchecks after setting the dip. However, it is only usable if the repetition springs are strong enough to support the hammers. If they are not, then the sequence should be…


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