Piano Valuations

We offer skilled piano valuation for buyers and sellers.

Buying a Piano?

If you require piano valuation for a piano you are thinking of purchasing we will thoroughly go through the whole piano inch by inch, and we use specialist tools to discover any hidden problems, which are often difficult to determine and/or completely invisible.  Your piano valuation will advise you as to the value of the piano and the exact nature of any inherent problems.  Most vendors are happy for us to inspect the piano on their premises on your behalf, and shops never object.  Piano valuation is highly recommended before purchase as a large number of pianos can be untunable, for example, and this can only be determined by an expert as this problem is not otherwise apparent until weeks or months after delivery.

Piano valuation can ultimately save a lot of tears when a big problem is discovered before the purchase. For sound pianos, piano valuation is very cost effective as minor faults can be negotiated against the asking price.

Selling your Piano?

We will provide you with a full sales piano valuation, and included we offer assistance in wording the advertisement, and advice of how to best advertise your piano.  Additionally we will help you with the piano sale by providing telephone information to your buyer, should they require assurances from us as to the quality and reliability of your piano.  We put our professional reputation on the line to assist and support our piano valuation and your piano sale!

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